Cyd Charisse (hollywood_legs) wrote in classic_suggest,
Cyd Charisse

more potential characters you could portray

We must remember the ground breakers, the actors and actresses who had to walk off the beaten path in order to make a name for themselves in Hollywood's Golden Days. Minority actors and actresses who couldn't pass themselves off as white were forced to play stereotyped supporting roles, but they made them their own. Some of those brilliant and magnificent entertainers are listed below and if you'd like to see their filmographies, bios, photos, and more head on over to the Potential Characters List to link to their IMDb website. I hope people really take an interest in these stars, becuase they deserve to be remembered.

Josephine Baker
Harry Belafonte
Dorothy Dandridge
Sammy Davis, Jr.
Hattie McDaniels
Butterfly McQueen
Fayhard Nicholas (the Nicholas Brothers)
Harold Nicholas (the Nicholas Brothers)
Brock Peters
Sidney Pointier
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