Cyd Charisse (hollywood_legs) wrote in classic_suggest,
Cyd Charisse


The Bibliography Clause: We have found out, rather quickly, that everyone is learning more about the stars they love and disvoering new stars they never knew of or thought they would like, but they don't know where to find out more. Therefore, we're asking that if you become a member and are portraying someone, when you use websites, books, magazines, etc. you add your source to your profile.

Thank you to orson_welles who brought this suggestion to light!

PS: Would anyone like to do a member of the month? If so, what should be that person's "prize"? Custom MEMBER OF THE MONTH icon/banner? photo posting theme added to the month about that person? We could also post one ordinary looking photo of them and have a theme contest like "what's your funny theme/title for this photo?" ???
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